Project Management

Not only can we undertake all the work on your project we are also well placed to oversee and manage any aspect of your project. An example of this can be seen on our restoration page and the restoration and display of the DC3 in India.

The whole project was managed from start to end with a detailed week by week guide of the job and this was set out a full 3 months before the job started. The project itself consisted of overseeing a  10-15 strong local workforce in 2 locations. Many parts had to be sourced from many countries and these had to be shipped to the UK and then onward to India with all the implications of shipping and customs clearance managed by us.

All tooling was acquired and shipped to India to undertake the work, in 2 locations, and then shipped back to the UK at the end of the project.

Once on site the whole project was managed from start to finish and it was a proud moment when we could sign of the project with our customer on time and on budget.

Whether its our workforce or yours or a combination of both we are pleased to oversee any project no matter the size or location.